Sunday, February 21, 2010

Animation Demo Reel

It cost me about 2 days worth of sleep, (NB: this is 3 hrs approx.) but I managed to put together a short demo reel of the computer animation projects and exercises I've done these past two semesters at Ringling. So far, the reel features:

-Artie exercises- a series of quick animation exercises we did using a rig/model called Artie that the school supplied.

-Simple Polygon Jump and Walk- two other exercises from last semester that we had to do using a simple character that we molded and rigged ourselves.

and Primitive theater, as seen a few posts down.

Hopefully I can use this to get an internship or at least some sort of job-like activity that I can occupy myself with during the summer. In the past, I've found that sitting at home, eating chips, and watching tv doesn't do much for my animation skills. video

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