Wednesday, October 28, 2009


One of our assignments for Traditonal Animation this semester was to make an exaggerated version of a quadruped walk cycle. We got to design the character, and could use any animal as long as it had some sort of grounding in real-world anatomy. My origional idea was to make a really heavy pig that really had to pull its wait up and forward to get around. Unfortunately the animation gods had other plans, and I had to settle for something a little less crazy, but as usual it was a learing experience.

In the end I ended up with something kinda like the guy above - he seemed like he had a pretty good sense of weight and that he was really bouncy, almost like he was walking to music. So I pushed that a little more and adjusted the character to fit...and thus was born, "Elvis"

Figure Stuff

Some drawings from my figure class this semester. I feel like I'm improving incredibly fast this year, probably because my teacher Marianne Chapel has been so helpful. She basically adjusted everything about the way I used to draw the figure down to the way I was holding the pencil, and it feels like it really paid off, especially for my drawing work outside of class.

Character Model Sheet

Model sheet a put together for my Traditional animation class. Our asignment was to design and turn a character that we would eventually animate delivering some sort of dialogue. I'm not especially thrilled with how the character turned out, but I feel like a learned alot from looking at everyone else's designs, and from my teacher's comments. On the plus side, even though the character alone could be more interesting, I think he'll be fun to animate because he's nice and simple, and he fits the dialogue really well.

From Morel Orel (delivered by the dad as he greets his family on a crisp winter morning)